This Friday: JULY 31st 9:00AM Room 1102 HiGH RiSK emergency support now!

PLEASE ATTEND: Matthew Erickson’s final Review Hearing at Seattle Municipal Court

600 5th Ave, Seattle WA 98104

The hearing will be in Room 1102, on the eleventh floor, 5th and James, downtown Seattle.

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS: in person, via email, or via the fedbook event !

This could very well be the final time Matthew Erickson aka Bypolar will be reviewed out of custody for an unknown period of time. Presently, we are at the whim at a egotistical, maniacal, racist fascist who alone will decide how long it will be until our friend is free, again.

Please show up to support our comrade while they are fighting against racist profiling from Seattle Police Department. In Bypolar’s founding of Cop Watch Seattle and in their political action against arctic drilling, the City of Seattle has found cause to continuously target this artist, mc, and organizer.

If you cannot attend, try giving Mayor Ed Murray a call to let him know what you think about his city’s police practices…

(206) 684-8888 Remember kids! If you don’t call more than twice from the same phone, then it isn’t harassment. 

Follow us for more updates to come on charges Bypolar is being faced with, and releases from High Gods Ent. !

#TheKnifeIsLegal #ACAB #sHellNo


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